How to Be a Career Online Writer

How to Be a Career Online Writer

Online writing is a growing field. It seems every month there is a new place to publish articles-and for profit. I have made more money writing online articles than doing anything else-even my newspaper work. If you are ready to begin a new career, let this piece guide you.

Understand the Basics: In short, people like reading short, to the point articles online. This isn't new, nor will it change for a while. Every week more newspapers and magazines begin publishing online. However, there are some basics to know. You will need to know what a keyword is, for example, and how many words the typical online piece has. Keywords are how search engines find your articles. And the typical online piece is 400-600 words, rarely pushing 1,000.

Remember: the more you understand the more you will make.

Set a Writing Schedule: Treat internet writing like a business. This career can lead to much profit, and all from your words. The only way to profit, in my mind, is to have a regimen of writing almost every day. In the beginning, you may want to write every day. You can keep it at five days a week later. This means developing a set routine of working when you can. If you have the ability to work from home, you will often succeed in setting this schedule. If you don't, it's still more than doable. A good method is to start small: write 4-5 hours a day, early in the morning or at night, finding the time to make this a career.

Publish Often: The only way to profit from your words is to publish as much as possible. Some sites will pay you a few dollars for your piece, while others will pay you hundreds. What matters is, either way, you need to stay focused on publishing articles. The more articles you publish, the more your checking account will rise.

So you will need to apply the second step here too. Publishing often means having a schedule for writing, editing, and publishing. The more quality articles you publish, the better said savings balance will be.

Running out of Ideas... When you run out of ideas, it's time to start rethinking your goals. Goals are important to internet writers too. Many times, when you run out of ideas, you can look to the past articles you published. Often there will be a small gold stone in their: the idea which could be another article or more. You might try writing for a different site too. Different sites allow you to write similar articles in a different vein.

For example, you can turn one article into three, if you really try. A movie review could turn into an actor biography, then the biography could turn into an article on action films. One keyword is switched, the theme of the article changes, and you have a new title. This helps when you run out of ideas-or stops it from happening in the first place. That's a new online article.

Search for new Sites Monthly: You should be writing for more than one site in the beginning. Perhaps when you are more financially stable you can afford to focus on one site. Right now, keep searching for new internet sites. This doesn't have to be all content sites, where you publish freely for set rates; there are many popular online magazines accepting articles every day. Your job is to find these. Again, use a schedule. Work once a week on finding new internet publishing avenues.

Enjoy the Ride: This will be fun for you, in the end, even if all doesn't go well. Internet writing will keep growing as long as new, ambitious companies want to tap the power of the internet. A good method for having fun is to use your internet income to reward yourself. You can buy a new book or film, for example, or just take the family out to a restaurant. You will, at some point, realize your writing can be a career.

By profiting from writing, you will learn that if you improve as you go along, you have a good chance of being a top internet writer. And that this can be a career.

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