Tips for a Career Changer

Tips for a Career Changer

Are you considering doing something you never did before? Are you interested in a completely new and unknown area? Thousands of people change careers, don't stall your efforts into the industry you never loved.

These 10 career tips were written by our experts.

1. Measure your satisfaction

Every day we face various situations that either please or irritate us. Think carefully what basic emotions you get from work. Is routine exhausting? What do you actually like and dislike most of all? Find the reasons to stay or to quit.

2. Look Deep inside Yourself

Review your resume. What job did you mostly enjoy? Have you participated in any volunteer projects? Ask yourself what you enjoy more - being a leader or a follower. Do you ever think you are underestimated? Can you achieve a better result doing anything else? On top of everything, you can even do some psychological tests to analyze and understand yourself better.

3. Brainstorming

There are always people who can share their contacts or give us useful advice. Discuss your intentions and strong points with your family, friends or colleagues. Use online career counseling or go to a job center. There are always opportunities for determined and ambitious individuals.

4. Pick out the Targets

Think about your first steps in a new industry. Set essential goals and evaluate how much time and effort it would take to reach them.

5. Read and Imagine

Read as much as you can find about the industry you're about to enter - Internet and paper articles, books and professionals' biographies. Get prepared for job interviews trying to predict the way they may develop, what questions you might be asked and what answers you would give.

6. Job Shadowing

Being a beginner in this or that field, everyone lacks experience. At this stage, the easiest way to get a clear idea of the business is to follow professionals and become their 'shadow'. Find some people whose work you would admire, let them apprentice you.

7. Start with Small Tasks

A nice way to develop professional skills is to start working as a freelancer or take part in a volunteer project. Test yourself, start with simple and small tasks and gradually pass to more complicated ones. Let us say you would love to become a fashion magazine editor, then you can start with writing short articles about fashion industry.

8. Educate Yourself

As a career-changer you will definitely have to learn a lot, then why not turn into a student for a short time? Even if you already have a degree, call this self-evolution, exciting and highly beneficial. Visit seminars or evening courses.

9. Take Advantage of Your Current Position

There are universal qualities that may be required at your future job such as strong writing, speaking and analytical skills, or being a confident team-player. Jump at every chance to practice. You are sure to benefit from it afterwards.

10. There are Always Some Alternatives

Sometimes when you're fed up with a certain routine, you don't have to change life dramatically. Consider any other possible position in the same or related industry. For example, being a foreign language teacher, try translating or interpreting. As a rule, there are always some linked professional areas, where you can achieve a lot, without having to be a beginner.

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