Why Take an Elementary Education?

Why Take an Elementary Education?

Taking up an elementary education degree is one of the most in demand careers right now. A lot of people are taking up this course because they know it will give them a stable job in the future or after taking the license examination. Though competency in this course is high, a lot of teachers would just want to work locally for a year or two and then go abroad after gaining a valuable experience in the local schools so that they will qualify in this area abroad. The salary of the teachers depends on the location of the school. Most of the time the location of the schools will give you an idea about how much salary you could gain, the poorer the area is, the lesser the salaries paid in the schools of that location.

I could also say that these days, courses that we take up in college does not already matter sometimes because some of us will just settle for any job as long as it will provide more income. For example a licensed teacher will agree doing a nanny job as long as it's in US, because in the United Stated they are paid five times more than they are paid here in our country. This and a lot more reasons would depreciate the value of taking up a formal education because we will just settle for less just for finer bread and butter purposes.

If you are an elementary education degree graduate, you can teach in elementary depending on what major subject you have, but most of the time, you can also teach multiple subjects in some schools. I have read in wikipedia that a regular teacher earns about 2 million dollars monthly, take note that is in US, its already the biggest salary Asian teachers would think after knowing that they earn only about 200,000 pesos in their local homes. I can remember my elementary classmate is now a teacher but the thing is that I am earning a lot more than she is. I do not know why education in some parts of the world is not considered among the most highly paid jobs. It should be that teachers are paid higher than any other jobs because they are the people who mould children's minds aside from Home.

Considered is the most well respected well renowned profession in the world. They tend to influence their students in about fifty to ninety percent rate; this is just according to me though. I have an educator way back past in elementary that I admire most, and she taught me well about the English education and with that I am very thankful to her because I am now able to communicate properly in written and verbal English language. Although I know that my skills were genetically acquired, I also believe that what you were taught inside the classroom will also take a big deal of a part in a child's life. This degree may not always give us a glamorous life but it has a big and overwhelming effect to know that your students are doing well because of your teachings.

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